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Prom Dress

No matter how perfect that dress you've fallen in love with seems, prom dress alterations are almost a given. It is very rare to find a dress that fits perfectly without any work whatsoever. If you want to look your absolute best on prom night, it's important to make sure your dress fits perfectly.

The Perfect Fit

Although the women in magazines and catalogs look beautiful, very few of us are actually the perfect size, including models. Teens come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect fit for you may be completely different than the perfect fit for your best friend.

There are a couple of rules of thumb that will help when choosing a prom dress to make alterations easier.

A Size Bigger or Smaller?

In general, when altering a dress, it is much easier to take fabric away than to add fabric. To add fabric, you have to be certain of matching color, material and figure out how to hide the seams. If you fall between two sizes, always opt for the larger of the two as it will be easier, and probably less expensive, to have it taken in. Also, it is usually the same price to have one inch or five inches taken in, so if you're uncertain, it might even be better to order two sizes up.


Dresses are generally made for girls less than 5 feet 9 inches tall. If you are shorter than this, you will probably have to get the dress hemmed. If you are taller, you may want to shop for a specialty tall dress to make sure you have enough material to create the length you want. Make sure the seamstress measures you with the shoes on that you'll be wearing on prom night. You don't want to trip on your hem as you're dancing because you wore high heels when being measured and then switched to flat shoes.


Some styles and materials are just naturally easier to alter than others. A dress with many layers may be more difficult for a seamstress to alter and may cost you more money to have changed. Silk and taffeta can also be difficult to work with and may cost more to have altered.

Where to Get Prom Dress Alterations

You've spent hours, days and perhaps even weeks to find the perfect prom dress. It is the color you dreamed, the style you wanted, and the price you can afford. The only problem is that it is not a perfect fit. You'll have to have it altered, so where do you start?

Bridal Shops

Most bridal shops not only carry dresses that will be suitable for a prom, some might offer prom dress alterations. These shops usually have skilled seamstresses on hand. Because they are in house tailors they tend to run quite high in there pricing. For the best fit, you should be measured at the hem, bust and waist. If the dress has sleeves, the seamstress should measure those as well, both around your arm and the length of the sleeve

Alterations Express

Look no further Alterations Express can handle all your prom dress alterations. We specialize in altering Formals of all kinds. We pride ourselves on our unbeatable pricing.


Allow plenty of time for the alterations to be completed and corrected if necessary. Two months wouldn't be too much time to allow. The cost of alterations can vary widely, so be sure to get a quote. Make sure you are satisfied with how the dress fits. Proms only come around a couple of times in a lifetime, so you'll want everything about your special night to be perfect, especially your dress.


Folsom's Best Alterations

We have won best Alterations in Folsom for the last 5 years. If you want your clothes to fit you like they were made for your body type call us today to arrange an appointment, or Walk in no appointment needed. Fast, Professional, and Affordable Tailoring.

Alterations Express is all about getting the work done when you need it. We are staffed with tailors and seamstresses to professionally alter or repair most any garment. Moments after your arrival, our staff will skillfully fit your garments in one of our spacious dressing rooms. After your fitting, we tell you just how much your alteration will coast and you tell us when you need it.

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We alter, repair, restyle and re-size clothing for men, women, children and business partners. We also perform the alteration and tailoring of business and casual clothing, including but not limited to:

• Dresses
• Skirts, Full Length, Scooters ,Skorts, Minis, Tea length
• Bridal Gowns & Wedding Dresses, veils and headpieces
• Bridesmaid Dresses
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• Tablecloths & Napkins
• Items for Your Home, RV, Boat or Yacht
• Police, fire, EMS, military, private school, commercial uniforms & clerical robes

Altering, designing and custom fitting formal wear is one of our specialties. Others include:

• Quilting Services
• RV Restyling
• Curtain and Drapes
• Repairing Leashes, Collars, Bridals
• Tarp, Trailer and Boat Cover Repair
• Beading Jeweling Embellishments


• Hem and Seam Repair
• Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, or Snaps - Replace or Re-attach
• Buttonholes - Make or Repair
• Zippers – Replace or Repair
• Linings - Replace or Repair
• Sleeves and Hems - Shorten or Lengthen
• Pockets - Replace or Repair
• Shoulder Pads and Dress Shields - Add, Replace or Remove
• Beadwork - Replace or Repair
• Jeans Patching and repairs

 Upholstery and re-upholstery of antiques, collectibles, heirlooms, favorite pieces, boat, RV, Cars… 

Altering Clothing

It is important when you come in to bring with you some of the following items.